small groups

The heartbeat of our ministry is small groups. Our small groups are made up of boys or girls in the same grade. They are led by college students who have a heart for ministry and working with kids. Small groups offer our students the opportunity to build Christ-centered friendships in a smaller, more intimate setting. Our prayer is that through small groups, our students will grow in Christ together!

Each small group has one or two KLIFE volunteers (college age or older) or a KLIFE staff member leading it. The volunteer has been through an interview process with a staff member, has been background checked, and has signed a commitment to follow Christ in their own life. The groups are assembled according first to gender, then by groups of friends possibly covering a couple of grades, but are purposeful in bringing groups of kids together to build accountability relationships.

A small group meets once a week and studies the Bible or a biblically-based book keeping in line with the KLIFE curriculum. The time they meet is determined by the leader of the group based on when everyone is able to get together.


Join or Start a Small Group

For information about boys’ small groups, email Travis Jones:

For information about girls’ small groups, email Landon Jones:


Current Small Groups

We currently have 17 small groups, meeting at numerous locations and times throughout the week. Please contact us ( if you are interested in joining an existing small group, or even starting a new one!

6th  Grade Boys: Chance King, Travis Jones
7th Grade Boys: Billy Popoff, Corey Hill
8th  Grade Boys: Christian Jackson, Gabe Gudgel
9th  Grade Boys: Travis Jones, Taz Ellett, Cooper Nichols
10th  Grade Boys: Nathan Herrmann, Chris Doidge, Gonzalo Morillas
11th  Grade Boys: Andrew Pinter,  Nate Robertson


6th  Grade Girls: Alyson Lee, Peyton Oppy, Landon Jones
7th  Grade Girls: Sarah Carpenter, Ashlea Bucher, Sarah Zobrist
8th  Grade Girls: Laurie Thompson, Rachel Remick, Ashlyn Steele
9th  Grade Girls: Savannah Godwin, Bekah Sanders, Kaylee Norris
10th  Grade Girls: Kennedy Sanders
10th  Grade Girls: Chloe Zoellner, Mary Grace Mendenhall
11th  Grade Girls: 
11th  Grade Girls: Kennedi Faber, Micah Wallis
11th  Grade Girls: Landon Jones
11th  Grade Girls: Rylee Pittman, Sophie Warner
12th  Grade Girls: Natalie Lipscomb


LIVE Curriculum

LIVE is a digital curriculum that gets kids into the Bible and the Bible into kids. LIVE crafted lessons are easily understood, with principles that our leaders can grasp and pass along to students. Plus, the lessons emphasize discussion, dialogue, and meaningful connections among the group.  This allows leaders and students to just enjoy spending time with one another and each will thrive with this curriculum.

Each KLIFE Small Group may use the interactive LIVE Curriculum to help each group be effective and focused. Your KLIFE Staff Director will set you and your group up into the system.